I know I have read time and time again to limit the caffeine you drink at night. If you drink it you may not be able to sleep.

Is there a possibility that may not be all true. Well yep you may still be able to sleep just fine. They did a study in Florida and they found that there is no connection between drinking caffeine at night and having the inability to sleep. An actual study says that.

Here are some things that could affect your sleep. It has been found that smoking or vaping could lead to you having trouble in the sleep department. I would try to limit that usage within the 4 hours before bedtime. If you don't then the nicotine could have a significant effect on your sleep.

Alcohol could also help you but not as much as the smoking.

Now even though the research says caffeine is OK....you should test it before you add that to your nightly routine. Some people need to make sure that they are not sensitive to caffeine. If it doesn't bother your sleep habits then by all means go ahead and have a cup or two of coffee.

Now if you are one that it does bother....regardless what the studies say I would run far away from it. Have you had coffee before bed before? Did it bother you? Or were you one of the caffeine sensitive ones. Comment below.


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