Do you love vegetables? Do you loathe them? Well it may be something you can blame on your parents either way.

Do you find that some vegetables such as broccoli or Brussels sprouts taste bitter? Is that the reason you don't like them? It might be genetic. There was a study done that proved you may have carried on a gene from your parents that not only make those foods taste bitter. It makes them taste extremely bitter. I mean to the point you can not stand it.

That same gene may be the reason you don't like other bitter foods. Do you also not like beer? How about coffee? Are you not a fan of dark chocolate? It really could all be related.

So if you find yourself with that gene that makes it unbearable to eat certain veggies you can go on and blame your parents. Just know that if your kiddo has the same gene...they can blame you too.

This could make the talks around the Thanksgiving table just a little more special, if you like all the veggies. You can thank your parents for that too. So see it can either be a good thing or a bad thing.

Just make sure you at least give them a fair shake. I mean if you like broccoli and Brussels Sprouts you can only gain from the nutrient's in them.

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