We probably all have a habit we need to kick. Maybe even one we want to have stick. Maybe you want a new workout routine.

It goes great the first day. You get to the gym the next day and oh you are just in so much pain you give up. Does that sound familiar?

Or maybe you want to eat healthier.You go to the store and buy all the stuff to help you along the way. You do so great that first day. You got this. But you get to the next day and guess what? You are hungry. No scratch that you are HANGRY. You just think it is much easier to just give up and run to the nearest place to get a burger and fries. It is easier anyway.

Well if you are have trouble getting a new habit to stick you need to give this a try.

There is a new method called the Two-Day Rule that has been blowing up online. Check it out.

Matt D'Avella had a hard time sticking with going to the gym. His rule is that basically he was never allowed to skip two days in a row. So if he was trying to go to the gym.....it helped him stay a bit motivated. It worked for him.

He has stuck with it for over a decade. He has had a few cheat days here and there. He says that this technique could work with any new habit. Not just exercise.

The only think is that your days off won't always be on the same day. I mean since there are 7 days in a week. So if you skip Monday one week, you might end up skipping Tuesday the next week.

So if you are one of those that likes to schedule things....it might not work as easy for you. The thing, though, is that is exactly why it works. You end up incorporating it more fully into your life. So it becomes a "habit" and that is what the goal really is.



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