So how about this for having a sudden boost of confidence. It is as simple as smelling a lemon.

It seems weird I know but the act of smelling a lemon makes us feel thinner and actually ups our self-esteem. Now the downside is that it does not actually help us lose weight but feeling like we have is half the battle.

So if you sniff a lemon you will feel thinner, lighter and better about your body. If you happen to smell vanilla be prepared to feel the opposite. Smelling vanilla makes you feel heavier and more out of shape than you really are.

It's a tricky thing our brain does. We associate certain smell with other things. So when we think of lemons we think lemony fresh. We think about lighter things. When we think about vanilla we associate it with some very unhealthy things; like ice cream and cookies.

Studies like this can actually help people that have eating disorders. People who have issues with their body image.

Other studies have found that certain sounds can do the same thing. Previously it was shown that when the pitch of people's footstep were changed it made them feel thinner, happier and it even helped change the way they walked. Now it seems that smells can do that too.

So grabbing a lemon and smelling it's deliciousness may help you eat less. I mean it is something I am willing to try.

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