Bored tired businesswoman yawning at workplace feeling lack of sleep
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Sleep is important. A good night of sleep is even more. We tend to have more bad night's than good.

Maybe you just don't know how you slept. You may not have a Fitbit that informs you how bad you slept the night before. You may have to count on the tell tale signs that follow.

Here are some signs that you did in fact get a bad night of sleep.

Do you find yourself yawning all morning? How about you get to work and you are in a bad mood all day? Those are a couple signs. There are more.

You have a morning meeting and you just can't seem to keep your eyes open. It is not just because you are tired of meetings. You just are tired.

Sleeping through your alarm can also be a sign. You just can't get up in  the morning so you keep hitting snooze until you just shut it off without realizing it. That is a bad sign. Both are signs. Hitting snooze and then just sleeping through the alarm.

Maybe you get unexplained headaches. That too could be a sign that your body and mind don't like the amount of sleep you got the night before.

You are at work and you can't seem to focus. It may not just because of the task at may be because of your lack of sleep. Your body sometimes just screams at you that you need more sleep. You just have to be able to detect those subtle and not so subtle signs.

So when you get up in the morning and you don't feel like you look your best you can also account that to lack of sleep. It's crazy because we end up spending an average of five hours every day feeling tired.

We spend an average of $52 a month on coffee and energy drinks to try to wake up. We as a society are just plain tired. Now we know the signs that show we got a bad night's sleep.


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