You always have good intentions. I will go to sleep at a decent time tonight. I will get up on time and maybe even get a little exercise in. It used to be that you would think "hey getting to work only takes me ten minutes" Heck pretty much everything is ten minutes away here in Amarillo.

So you factor that into your time that you need to get up. Now when you started working from home guess what? It gave you an extra ten minutes to sleep in because no drive time. So the alarm goes off. What do you do? Do you get right up? Do you hit snooze? Do you sit there and say "that's it tonight I will get to bed at a decent time?" It's a never ending battle.

The Mattress Nerd recently conducted a survey that found on average we hit snooze twice a morning. Are you one of those? How many times, if any, do you hit snooze? With that extra snoozing that same survey found we end up laying n bed for an extra 24 minutes. Wow. That really does get our morning off to a bad start.

If you end up snoozing that much everything else becomes a rush. Even if you don't have travel time at this point you still will feel a bit rushed. Nothing is worse than starting your morning in a panic.

How can you avoid all of this? Well of course avoiding the temptation to hit snooze even once. The best way to do that is to win that battle against yourself. You need to get to bed at a decent time so you wake up feeling refreshed. This way even if you don't have to merge onto I-40 to travel to work you will still be able to merge your way into the make shift work area at home in much better spirits.

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