We go through life and it is a series of important choice. You have to decide on many things. Almost daily. So making the right decision can be something that causes you a lot of stress.

What if I make the wrong decision? What if I make the right decision but the outcome didn't turn out quite like I expected. I mean there is a lot of uncertainty. What do we do. This could be good for my whole family. So now my decisions are going affect my whole family. It's not just me.

Of course, that leads to even more stress. How do you make those important life changing decisions? Do you make a list of pros and cons? You, know like Ross did trying to choose between Rachel and Julie? A list in this situation may be beneficial. It wasn't for Ross of course.

Have you even left your decision up to a simple flip of a coin? Should I quit my job at this Amarillo School to live out my dream of being an actress? I mean that may be a really important choice you need to make. Would you? Could you? Leave that fate up to a coin? If so can you go through with what the coin actually says?

According to a study from Survey Finds done by Steven Levitt, an economist at the University of Chicago, found that "when people left major, life-changing decisions up to a coin flip, they were happier six months later."

Basically though it worked out most the time if  the coin flipped lead you to make the change. Deep down you know you want to make improvements. So when the coin agrees with you than you are much happier in the long run. So maybe try and see if the fates of the coins are forever in your favor.


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