I get it. There has not been a whole lot to be happy about in 2020. We just have to try. We need to get past all this and on to how things should be. The normal part of life again. Sometimes we just need to fake that smile until it's real.

I get it though that a lot of people can't see our mouths so what is the point? The masks are blocking all those beautiful smiles. I promise you though that they can see it in your eyes. You may be at Toot N Totum getting a full tank of gas, mask on, but they can see it.

A new study was done and it found the average American smiles only eleven times a day. Does that seem like a high number or a low one? The problem is we frown that many times also. So it's not looking to good. I feel it is 2020 getting to us.

Some of the things that have made us smile this year is actually having some good news to hear. We do appreciate a good joke now more than ever. We also smile knowing that we have had more time to spend with our families. Oh and one thing that hasn't changed is that paydays make us happy and also make us smile.

The thing with a smile is that it makes everything else seem so much better. Smiling helps put us in an overall better mood. A smile helps to relieve some of the stress we are feeling about the year. We really are trying as hard as we can to try to find more stuff to smile about during this pandemic. Even if we are wearing a mask that hides it.


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