We spend anywhere between six and up to ten hours at work sometimes even more. When we spend so much time at one place we need to know how to stay healthy.

Of course snacks end up being all around. It really can be hard to avoid all the temptations within the space of your office. What can you do? Try to have healthy snacks so that you avoid that temptation. Grab some fruit, nuts, a hard boiled egg, anything healthy that will keep you away from the cookies, cake and candy.

If you have a job that keeps you at your desk it really is important to move around every so often. Set an alarm on your phone and then just get up and walk. Take a walk around the office or even around the building. If you can't get away long then take a brisk walk to the bathroom.

If you spend countless hours staring at a computer screen that can lead to eyestrain. That can lead to headaches among other problems with focusing. To avoid this problem you may increase the font size on your computer.

Lunchtime is a great time and you need to make sure you are making good lunch choices. Not only eating healthy but also make sure your portion sizes are smaller. There is nothing worse than eating a huge lunch and then having to go back to the office. An afternoon nap is probably not allowed for you.

When you get to work in the morning that cup of coffee is calling your name. That is OK to drink one or two. You also need to make sure you are drinking plenty of water. The goal is to shoot for 8 - 10 glasses a day. Hydration is very important. You know when you get all sleepy at your desk around 3 pm? Well if you didn't eat a huge lunch the problem may be that you are dehydrated. If you need to set an alarm to also remember to drink your water there is no shame in that.

I know sometimes it feels like taking a vacation from work is out of the question. Maybe you feel you just have too much to do. You need to get away to stay healthy at work. Burnout is a real thing. You need to recharge and relieve some of that stress. Taking a vacation is both beneficial to you and your employer.

You really do know yourself better than anyone so when you start to feel bogged down get away. Even if it is only a weekend trip. Sometimes just that change of scenery can get you back to reality and back to work.

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