Look over your lifetime. Have you gone on fad diets? Have you tried to go that fast and easy way to lose weight? Only to find out it didn't work?

I feel most of us have at one time or another. I mean if there was some miracle way to get healthy and lose weight. If we find it do you know how happy we would be. Oh and how much legitimate money they would make?

There was a survey to see just how much money we waste on nutritional products and those fad diets that don't work. It seems we do waste a lot. In one year's time we waste $158 on stuff that doesn't work. You do the math. In a lifetime that can really add up. Wow. Boy does it add up to around $10,000.

If  that seem ridiculous just think of the stuff we are suckered into buying in hopes that they actually work.

How many of us have tried those diet pills? They can work. I get that....it's just that when you stop taking them you end up gaining back what you lost and then some. Unless you plan on taking those pills for life it is not something that is realistic.

Same thing with those weight loss teas. They may help suppress your diet at first but again it is a quick fix. It is not a long term fix at all unless you change your lifestyle.

It really is easy to get suckered into the cabbage soup diet, the celery juice diet. I know a lot of people that swear by drinking apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Again a lot of these do work on a short time basis to help with weight loss. It's just not something that will work long term unless you plan on making more long tern changes.

Have there been any fad diets or trends that you have tried? Comment below.

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