Your alarm is set to get up in a few minutes to head to Crunch Fitness, Gold's Gym or even Nick's Fight Club. You are going to do it this year!

You are going to stick to your workout calendar and you are going to get in shape! Nothing is going to stop you now! You have your bag packed with your workout clothes.

You have all your pre and post workout meals planned. You are going to lose this weight. You have the momentum. You got this.

You have been going strong so far this year but you are afraid to take a day off. You know it is important but you feel if you will not get back into it. Well you need to know that those days of rest are just as important to your peace of mind and recovery for your body.

If you do not take a day off you run the risk of giving up. You will feel drained and totally want to run back to bed and not to the gym.

Just like your diet needs a cheat day....your body needs that cheat day from the gym too. It gives you a mental break and your body time to rest. So don't feel guilty when one morning you do not set your alarm to get you up and to the gym.

Don't take that day to be lazy. Don't veg all day. You can still take the time to go for a nice walk outside with the kids or the dogs. Just don't do the intense workout you usually do.

If you spend your "cheat" day laying on the couch all day that might make it a little tempting to have more "cheat" days. Moving a little each day will keep your body ready to move and make it easier for you tomorrow.

Keep your momentum going for the gym but know it is important to have a day of rest too. Where do go to workout? Do you have a gym of choice? Or do you have an at home gym? Comment below.



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