So eating is a major part of our lives. We need food to survive. We count on the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) to keep us safe.

Oh and they do. The problem is they allow some gross things in our food.

Yes, they do. At least they limit the amount of gross foods we can have in our daily diet. It still seems, well, gross.

They allow mites in frozen broccoli. They will allow up to 60 mites per 100 grams of broccoli without any laws being broken. Which that amounts to about 3 1/2 ounces of mites. That just seems gross. How do they actually count our the mites?

It gets worse. The FDA also allow maggots in your maraschino cherries. They have a cutoff though of 5%. So if you think about it, that means you can get a jar with 4% filled with maggots. That still seems awful high.

If you like cinnamon then don't dwell on this. There could be rodent hairs in there. Don't fear though, they only allow every 50 grams to have up to 11 hairs in it. That is perfectly fine.

If you eat raisins there could be some extra nutrients in there too. How about up to 40 milligrams of sand in your raisins. Yep, that could be a thing too.

Oh and ginger! You may be able to snack on some rat droppings with it. Every pound of ginger is allowed up to 3 milligrams mixed in.

The thing is that the FDA is here to protect us. They really are....but if you think about it this is just a small list of what "could" be in our food. This is not the complete list. We may not get sick from what "could" be in it.....but there is no way to avoid it. So try not to think too much about it.

Be aware. Yes. Just so you know. Just know it is going to be OK in the end anyway. Nobody is getting out of here alive. So enjoy it while you can!


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