It's National Dog Day and I have two dogs. I have for years. They were once strictly outdoor dogs.

Then I got neighbors next door that were renters and had pit bulls. I don’t blame the breed but they were chained up and caged. I so blamed the owners. Nothing good was going to come out of this situation.

I did let their landlord know, anonymously and all. Oh and that owner and I became friends later.....I let him know it was me that let him know. He appreciated it. Not only were they not supposed to have that many dogs....they weren't supposed to have ANY dogs.

My concern was that my two dogs were diggers. I could not trust them to be outside once those pit bull arrived (even for that short time).

So for about 7 years now they have been inside dogs. They have been high maintenance. They are only outside when I am at work. (Oh those neighbors are long gone.....and I have since moved too.)

I love them both but recently Chipper has become itchy.

I brought her in to see her vet. I  figured it was her anal glands....they needed to be squeezed. They did help her..:they were full. That did not help her scratching.

Next I thought fleas. I bought shampoo...spray and powder. It is was crazy after the washes how many black fleas I saw. I also put flea collars on them.

I hope this is the end. I washed all of their bedding and sprayed them too.

Fingers crossed I am done! I mean they are high maintenance! Did I mention that? Since they stay outside during the day and won't use their doghouse I have been trying to figure out a solution for them. I mean it does rain around here.

I can't put a doggy door into my house because of the way my back door is set up. I thought about building an enclosed back porch. That, in the long run would be WAY too expensive. So I finally came up with a solution.

I will put a doggy door in my door leading to my detached garage. Oh and keep a kennel fence around so that I can still open up my door when I get home from work without worry of them running out.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

A cheaper, but yet smart, solution. I have the kennel up and big kennel for them to lay in. I don't have the doggy door yet....that is being shipped via for now I just leave the door cracked open. Did I mention that my dogs are high maintenance? Well they are! I wouldn't want them any other way!



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