It's that dreaded time of the year. Your body starts to ache. Your nose may start to run. Oh wait now it's your throat. It's on fire.

You are feeling a sickness come on. Is it just a cold? Is it allergies? Or is it  the flu? Is there something you can do to stop it? Or can you just speed it through its course a lot faster?

There was a survey done that asked what most people do when they start to feel a sickness start. Here are some of the top answers.

Change your sheets. I mean this makes sense. Get all the old germs out of your bed. Plus you just feel better in crisp new sheets.

You can take a hot shower. This will clear up your nasal cavities.

Why not try sweating it out at the gym. You can get those bad toxins out by hitting it hard and heavy.

There are some at home remedies that you can eat or drink that could help. Eat some ginger. Grate it up and put it on your salad or pasta. Drink orange juice to get that extra vitamin C. Get yourself some chicken noodle soup. I feel that chicken noodle soup is the end all be all of helping you to feel better and fast. You also should drink hot tea with lemon. That will help make the throat feel better. Oh and up your intake of water. More water will help you flush out the bad junk a lot sooner.

The biggest thing you can do is SLEEP. You start to feel sick because your immune system is at its worse. You probably are not getting the sleep you need. Crawl into bed with a hot glass of tea with lemon. I would also take a nighttime medicine and just sleep it out. You will start feeling better.

What other things can you do that helps you feel better faster? Comment below.


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