Here we are four months into the New Year. How are you doing with your New Years Resolution? Are you still going strong?

Even if you have had a slip up it is never too late to try again. Never give up. When you go out to eat you are sometimes given the choice of having a soup or salad with your meal.

Opt for the soup. Find one with a broth base instead of a creamy soup. Though creamy soups are delicious they tend to be way higher in calories. That kind of defeats the purpose.

If you have a bowl of soup before a meal it can help you make healthier choices according to a recent survey. Basically when you have a bowl of soup that is broth based you won't consume unnecessary calories.

If you are at home and want a nice bowl of soup and maybe you don't have the time to make a broth homemade. Feel free to use a store bought box and if you add the following seasons it can make it taste better and be even healthier.

Adding garlic will add antioxidants to your soup. Or even some kind of hot sauce. Anything spicy (including jalapenos) will rev up your metabolism. So I like to add jalapenos to almost everything.

Any hot broth-y soup actually engages the brain area into self regulation. So as you are thinking about your upcoming meal make a nice bowl a soup your starter. Your body will thank you for it.


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