Pick a restaurant here in Amarillo....everything is bigger and better in Texas right? Including the portions you get on your plate? How can you keep from eating it all?

You might end up getting a weird look from your waiter....but who cares. Ask them to bring you a box for your leftovers with your food....don't wait until you are done eating.

A new study found that you are less likely to overeat if you know you have the option to bring it home....and less likely if the box is already there.

I sometimes feel that it is a personal challenge to eat everything on my plate? Why? I'm not even sure. So I am going to try this next time I go out to eat. Especially when I am eating Thai food...the portions are huge.

Here is the takeaway.....if you have the box right in front of you while you're eating, as a reminder that you really don't have to clean your plate. So that way, you're more likely to stop eating when you are full.

Give it a try? Does it work for you? Comment below.

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