Think about flush the toilet with the lid up. What happens? I know this is gross to think about....but there will be all kinds of gross things from inside your toilet floating around in the air. I know, not great to think about. It’s facts though.

The worst part is that those gross air particles have to land know, like your counter-top or even your toothbrush! How about even on your bath towel? Do you really want to be drying off with a towel covered in toilet particles? Of course not.

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So the best way to make sure this is not an to not only let the woman be right....and make sure the seat is down....but go the extra mile and put the lid down too. With that approach there are no gross particles getting anywhere.

If the thought of having toilet particles on your toothbrush that you will then put in your mouth is not reason enough. I mean gross. I even go an extra step and make sure that I have a cover on my toothbrush. I don’t want anything gross landing on my brush.

Even if you go the toothbrush cover route it’s still gross to not shut the lid on your toilet. I mean if you have animals, it is safer and smarter. You don’t want to see them drinking out of the toilet. If you have young kids you don’t want an accident. Keep that seat down for your safety and your sanity.

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