It seems like a never ending battle. You know the one I am talking about. You want to eat less but you always seem to be hungry. You need to find a way to stop that urge to snack all the time.

It should be easy  to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. Sometimes though you just never seem to be full. Why is that? I mean you ate plenty. What really affects your appetite? It is a tiny hormone called leptin.

If you find yourself dieting your body goes into starvation mode and starts holding onto your fat. It doesn't want to let go. That body fat is what produces leptin. Funny or not your body wants that leptin.

That is the hormone that controls your appetite and helps you keep the weight off. It also helps keep your body with energy. This is the process that helps you on your quest to how much you eat and how many calories you burn everyday.

If your leptin levels decline like when you go on a crash die that is when your brain starts to think it is always hungry. That is what causes you to continue to feel hungry.

So how can you reset that level and convince your body and brain that you are not really hungry? You need to start with eating better. Eat more protein and fiber. Both of those help suppress your appetite. Try to eat more eggs and lean chicken. Add in some brown rice. Try to increase your Omega 3's by eating more fish. Diet plays a huge role in your leptin levels.

Your body also will hold it against you if you do not get enough sleep. You get rid of your leptin while you are sleeping. So if you are not getting enough sleep you will have lower levels than what you need. Plus missing out on sleep also leads to you eating more calories a day.

So you just have to retrain your body and your way of thinking. Start by getting the sleep you need and eat the foods your body wants. You will slowly retrain your body to not crave food all the time.

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