This year has really changed things. Usually right now we are planning those trips. We are thinking about where we can take the kids for some pool time. A lot of those pools have been closed.

Swimming has always been a favorite of mine. I would spend hours upon hours at Southwest Park Swimming Pool growing up. I loved listening to the music playing overhead and staring at the cute lifeguard. Oh, those were the days.

Usually around this time we are also dieting more so we can get swimsuit ready. Are we still doing that? It seems that a lot of people are giving up on that dream this year. No pool? No beach body.

I feel that if you head out to a beach that more and more people are going to be covering up this year. A couple months at home has lead a few of us to turn to food. We know that our choice of food caused the problem. Also we lacked a lot of Vitamin D, which helps us feel good about ourselves. Vitamin D, found in the sun rays, is something we are missing a lot of this year. Vitamin D helps our mood and helps our spirit. It also helps us not to turn to the wrong kind of foods.

Which brings me back to the fact that since we have been indoors more we have turned more to carbs and alcohol. So even if you can't go to a city pool it would still be in your best interest to get out and in the sun. Even if the most you are doing is mowing the lawn and turning on those sprinklers. Just get outside and enjoy the warmth and beauty of summer.

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