It was always the most dreaded part of the day. Nap Time. We had to stop playing and lay down. It was torture. It really was. We fought it so much. This, of course, was when we were little.

How we would give anything to be forced to take a nap now. How we would love to just crawl into bed for just a bit and forget the troubles of the day. Would you, if you could, go ahead and do just that?

Well if so apparently you would be happier. Oh and let your boss know that you would be more productive to. Seriously. According to a new survey that is exactly how people who say they regularly take naps feel.

These same lucky people are also more career-driven and have a better work-life balance. That is the ultimate dream. So I feel we should all start a petition. Everyone is allowed one 30 minute nap break per day.

I mean we can space them out so all of our work is still covered. I feel that is a small price to pay for a company to provide. I mean it seems we are all just so darn tired all the time. If we were given that 30 minutes just think how much more work we can get done.

How many of us get to nap on a consistent basis? According to the survey 17% of people nap at least five days a week. Are you that lucky? The only naps I seem to get are on the weekend. Oh, and I take advantage of those. I do feel happier and more productive on those days. So I feel this survey is valid.

I am on may way to talk to the bosses now too. Wish me luck.

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