There's no crying in baseball. Oh and big girls don't cry. We have been taught that we shouldn't cry.

You don't want to seem like a baby right? But is it good for you to actually cry?

The answer is yes. You need to stop holding back those emotions and just go ahead and let it all out. I won't judge you. In fact nobody really will. It has been determined that yes, crying is good for your health.

If you just let it go and let those tears flow the researchers found it will lower your stress levels. Crying will also lead you to more controlled breathing. Your heart rate will be lower.

Plus just the fact that you are not bottling up those emotions anymore.

There of course is a time and place for everything so it may be better to have a good cry at home. It will work out better for you instead of in the middle of your Monday morning meeting.

If you though, feel the need to cry, don't bottle it up any longer. It will be a great benefit towards a healthier you.

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