I feel like I am an open book. I mean you want to know what I am feeling well just look at my facial expressions. If I am happy you will know it by that smile on my face. I'm not so happy? Well that smile will be gone.

If I am sad I feel you will know. I don't think I have much of a poker face like they call it. You can read me like a book. I know this. Apparently though I don't always give everything away by my facial expressions.

According to a new study they found it is almost impossible to truly detect what someone is feeling. I mean they may think that they know. I mean they are looking right at you.

This research looked at millions of facial expressions from people in 35 different countries. When they tried to guess how people were feeling just by their facial expressions it turns out they were almost always wrong.

Even those smart computer's that tried to give it a go were wrong. Apparently it is true everyone is different. This means that everyone uses different facial expressions to relay how they are feeling. This can not actually be done.

For the most part how you feel and how you express it can all be different based on context and even cultural background.

So the face you are making may not show your true feelings. So this means that you should not try to figure out what the other person is asking or feeling. The best way to put this to the test is to actually have a conversation with someone and ask them. I mean that is the best advice if you really want to get to the bottom of how they are feeling.


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