Is it just a given that we all seem to be losing sleep? As a whole I think I see most people posting about lack of sleep.

We are a society of tired people. If I were able to give you the permission to go home and take a nap....would you take me up on it? I feel pretty certain that most people would jump at that chance.

So what are we losing the most sleep over? What in our life is keeping us up at night? What are we worrying about.

It probably wouldn't surprise anyone that money is number one on the list. How are we going to make due with what we make. How can we make more? The kids need new clothes, the car is in the shop. Oh, and the monthly bills will be due again before we know it. Money is a main concern.

A lot of people lose sleep over relationship problems. I mean are we arguing too much? Maybe not enough? We don't communicate or spend anytime together anymore. Relationships with family, friends and significant other's can really mess up our sleep.

Of course problem's at work keep us up. Are you overwhelmed? Too much on your plate? Do you feel like you are going to lose it? You think if I can just make it through this week things will slow down. They just never seem to actually slow down. One project gets done and another 10 are in the horizon. It's no wonder that we lay in bed at night thinking about all the stuff we have to do.

When talking with people about what keeps them up at night, it was also asked what actually makes them happier. Would you think more people would be happier spending money or saving it? Most people say that saving it helps them sleep better at night. If they find a way to save a bit each month they then know they have a cushion to fall back on when something big financially hits.

How about you? Are you able to sleep at night? How about all through the night? Comment below.

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