Do we really need a reason to drink the deliciiousness that is hot chocolate? Around this time of year we really up our game. The warmth of the delicious drink with marshmallows really feel great when the weather turns colder.

You can even make it more Christmas-y like I do and throw a candy cane in their too. I mean who doesn't love that coolness of the peppermint in their hot chocolate. I really love this time of year.

If you need another reason to up your hot chocolate game how about it can make you smarter. Yep, research was even done to prove this. So apparently there are some molecules in hot chocolate called flavanols. What do these molecules do for us?

Well they help to make your brain work faster and more efficiently. Oh and that candy cane that I mentioned earlier can pep up your brain too. So it is definitely a win win situation.

The only problem is if you are already a genius. I mean those flavanols won't help you if your brain is already over working. So the good news is that for the rest of us having extra hot chocolate at this time of year is a good thing.

So as the weather is turning colder just know you are doing a lot of good when you reach for a coffee mug full of hot chocolate. Just know that you are doing your brain and the world a lot of good.

I mean if you really need an excuse.

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