I know it seems like something that should be easy to do. Relax a little. Right? I mean all we have to do is stop totally what we are doing. Stop everything. Like we have that much time on our hands.

Even if some of us are still working from home there are still other things to consume our time. We have our kiddos. We have our day to day stuff around the house. No wonder our sleep habits are so out of whack.

It seems things have gotten worse through the pandemic. They closed down a lot of things that we like to do to relax. We couldn't, for a time, go to parks like Medi Park. We couldn't head to Palo Duro Canyon. Oh, and getting our hair done. You know how relaxing that is? The hair wash and just the time to yourself.

Now that things are starting to open up there are still some restrictions involved. I have seen a few hair salons that for the time being won't wash your hair. I get it....but it is something that totally relaxes me.

So what can we do to get some relaxation in during these times? It is quite important. One thing you can do is get outside. The weather is getting warmer and that Vitamin D you get from the sun is crucial. So grab a towel or a chair and relax in the backyard for a bit. Get out to Palo Duro Canyon since it has reopened. Yes, going on a hike can relax you too.

Sunshine is a big part of relaxing. So get out and get some. You also can relax by doing some meditation or stretching. This can also be doubly beneficial by heading outdoors. I can not stress how nice our Panhandle days can be. Hey, even if we have to smell "the smell of money" every once in a while. Hey we know here in the Texas Panhandle what that means. Am I right?


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