Aren't naps just the greatest? Why did we fight them so much growing up? What I wouldn't give to go take one right now.

Do you feel the same way? So say you crawl under your desk right now and take a quick nap. Say your boss comes in and catches you. What should you say? Well you need to make sure they know you are not being lazy. You are just being healthy.

There was a study done in Switzerland and they found that taking a nap is actually something really good you can do for your heart.

Those who took one or two naps a week actually ended up having a lower risk of heart disease and strokes than those who never took a nap.

The reason behind this is simple. We never, as a whole get enough sleep. We are always tired. Always yawning. Always needing a nap. Naps are a way to catch up a little bit and that is good for your heart. The more sleep you can catch up on the better. It is not only good for your heart but it also helps in reducing your stress. Which is also a winner when it come to the healthiness of your heart.

So if you feel the urge to take a nap today just know you are doing it for your health.



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