So, I have a few reasons to get back on my eating healthy regimen. One being that my blood pressure a few weeks ago was at stroke level. I am not even kidding here. I was at 190/102 yeah not good. Oh and the other is to not die. I want to be able to just feel better.
The doctor I was seeing that day was a Specialist. Once he saw my blood pressure he sent me right down to a general practitioner. Until that moment I didn't have a regular  doctor. My blood pressure has always been on the higher side. My type A personality leads to that. So does my crappy family health history. So I decided I need to stop eating out so much and start healthy food prep again. It’s time. I didn’t gain the covid 15 but I did gain the Covid 8. So still not great.

I did a cleanse last week and lost that 8 pounds. Now I am meal prepping healthy food and on my way to losing more. It all started with a trip to Market Street to get the groceries I would need for my meals.

I spent Sunday cooking and now I am ready to face the week.

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