Today is National Stress Awareness Day. I am pretty sure that we are quite aware how much stress there really is in our lives. I don't need to point that out.

What I do feel the need to point out is the countless number of ways we can actually help with our stress. Things we can do here in Amarillo to help us out! Try a few of them.

Heck try them all! Here is to a very stress free day on this day we should be aware of our stress.

Can I tell you how beautiful the weather has been these past couple of days? Take the opportunity to get outside and go for a walk. Even if it is just around you workplace. As long as you get outside. Take in the sunshine. Breathe in the fresh air. I did that yesterday afternoon.

I went out and walked around Downtown Amarillo. Just noticing all of the nice changes to the area. Get out and notice what is different around you too. So if you can break away and take the kiddos and dog to a local park. We have so many beautiful ones across town. You will really feel much better.

So make it a point to head to Medi or Memorial Park. Ooh maybe Southeast Park or any of our fine school's. I feel we will have a lot of kiddos and adults outside playing today!

What is your most stressful time of the day? Is it from the time you pick up the kiddos until bedtime? Well if you said "heck yeah!". Take a moment to help yourself out. Find something you can cut out of this routine to make it easier. How about picking up dinner tonight? It is not a coincidence that it is also Taco Tuesday! So avoid cooking dinner tonight if at all possible.

If once you get the kids to bed you can sneak off to a nice hot bath. Yep that will definitely de-stress your day. Add some bubbles even and it's like you are at a spa.

If you can make it happen Amarillo has a ton of fabulous nail places. Who couldn't use a pedi right now? You can kill two birds with one stone. You can de-stress AND get those toes ready for sandal season.

So it doesn't matter what you choose to do today....whether you get a massage, a pedicure or just opt to not cook all night. Make sure you do something to make your life a little stress-free. If at the least get your clothes out and ready for tomorrow so at least you can start ahead of the game for once.

What do you like to do to take the stress off? Comment below.


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