How much coffee do you drink a day? Do you have to have a cup to wake up? Half a pot of coffee? The whole pot? That may not be a bad thing for you.

Drinking coffee is associated with a lower risk of early death. That is great news for all you coffee drinkers. Right? It doesn't even matter if it's caffeinated or not.

If you drink one cup of coffee per day it cuts your risk of an early death by 8%....and drinking up to seven cups a day cuts it by 16%,

Research found long term benefits associated with nearly every amount and type of coffee consumed. Risk reduction varied slightly depending on how much coffee someone consumed, its caffeine content and whether it was instant or ground.

This study joins a large group that have found health benefits associated with having that daily cup or two of coffee. Though some past studies have linked coffee and other hot beverages to cancer, the World Health Organization just last month concluded that there's inadequate evidence to support that theory.

So grab that cup of coffee in the morning.....even drink it throughout the day because it can be a part of a healthy diet.

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