Sleeping is literally my favorite thing to do. It also seems to be one of the things I have the toughest times actually getting to do.

If you are like me and just can't get to sleep there are some foods you should avoid eating right before bedtime. Oh and also the reasons they are not good for your sleep.

I know that you expect alcohol to be on this list. It is, but the thing is you CAN drink enough to pass out. The problem with alcohol is that it keeps you from having that REM stage of sleep that your body and mind needs. Without it you wake up feeling not at all rested.

Usually fruits and vegetables are on your list of foods you need to eat. Not when it comes to sleeping. I'm talking about those that contain a lot of water. On that list is any kind of melon or even cucumbers. What is wrong with them? It sure makes it hard to sleep when you have to wake up and use the restroom in the middle of the night. That doesn't help with your sleep at all.

You also need to avoid starches. You know the likes of bread, potatoes and even rice. They do weigh you down and make you feel all groggy and tired which will help you fall asleep. You just won't be able to stay asleep. You can thank the raise in your blood sugar which will wake you up and disturb that sleep you need.

Any time you add fried foods to your diet right before bed you can guarantee a bad night of sleep. Add anything that has butter to your list of no-nos. If you can find a way to incorporate a diet filled with the good fats, ex avocado, nuts and fish you will sleep way better.

So a diet can effect more than just your body. It can really effect your mind and the way it shuts off at night. So for a much needed good nights sleep cut our these items right before bed.

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