It's hard to know what is good for you and what you should just skip. This is especially true when it comes to diets.

I feel diets can have their good and bad parts to everyone of them. For example you would think that a low-carb diet would be all good for you. What would be bad about cutting out all that bread has to be a good move for anyone.

Well it turns out that you still need to be cautious if you are doing a low carb diet. People who are cutting carbs out of their diet are more likely to develop atrial fibrilation.

What is that exactly and why should I worry? Well that is an irregular heartbeat. People with this issue are five times more likely to end up having a stroke that those without the condition.

The problem is that people who follow a low carb diet end up eating fewer fruits, vegetables and grains. All of those have carbs in them. When they miss out on those items they also miss out on the benefits they give.

Those foods contain anti-inflammatory benefits. You also have to know that eating more protein and fat can lead to oxidative stress. That also been linked to atrial fibrilation too.

So less carbs and more protein can end up being a double whammy for you. You should at least have 45% to 52% of your diet being carbs. Those carbs need to be more of the fruits, vegetables and grains. So do your part to keep you healthy.

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