It doesn't matter where you turn you are feeling stressed. Right? I mean you have work responsibilities.

How about the stuff your family needs you to do? Yep, stress right there.

Heck even driving to and from work can be stressful. The construction and even other driver's can cause us some stress. By the end of the day our bodies feel oh so knoted from all the stress we encounter.

So I looked for some great ways that you can reduce some of that stress in your life. Activities that can calm you down a bit. Take a moment and try one or two.

  1. Sleep.
  2. Listening to music.
  3. Relaxing in the bathtub. Grab a glass of wine and some bubble bath too.
  4. A massage. I highly recommend this!
  5. Take a nice walk around the block or a park.
  6. Take a few minutes and play with your dog or cat.
  7. Reading.
  8. Exercising.
  9. Drink a nice hot cup of tea.
  10. Take a few minutes to stretch.
  11. Stretching. Oh and it feels so good.
  12. Get away to a theater and watch a good movie.
  13. Spend time with friends.
  14. Spend sometime outside in the sun.
  15. Drive out of town and just enjoy the scenery.

There are a lot of things you can do to feel better about your hectic day. Just make sure you take the time to just feel better. Even if you only have a couple of minutes.


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