It seems like an easy concept. All you have to do is burn more calories than you eat in order to lose weight. I mean easy, right? Well if you have been trying at all you get it. It's not as easy as it seems. You think you are doing everything the right way and then you get on the scale.

It is not budging at all. You can't help but feel a little defeated. Have you been there? I know I have. So what can you do? How about making a few minor changes to save some of those calories. Maybe these are ideas you haven't tried before.

You love baked potatoes. Who doesn't? It seems though once you put everything on top you are just piling on the calories. Oh, and you are. All that butter, cheese and sour cream just adds up. What can you put on your baked potato that would be better for you. I mean you don't want to eat it plain. Where is the fun in that? Have you ever tried topping with just hot sauce? Or maybe even some jalapenos if your stomach can handle them? Hot sauce gives it the flavor and the jalapenos help in speeding up your metabolism. Such a win.

You love to make french fries at the house. They are so good. All that oil is not good for you. If you have an air fryer there is where you can use that to make them a bit healthier. If you don't. Why not throw them in the oven? Spray the pan down with a little olive oil. So much healthier for you.

You know you should be drinking water. You especially need it in this heat. You just can't seem to force yourself. Water is just so bland tasting. So how can you make it easier to want to drink more without adding any calories? Have you tried True Lemon, Lime, or grapefruit? Each tiny package has one slice of dehydrated fruit. So you empty a package in your water and you have all the flavor with no sugar or calories. It makes it so much easier to down the water.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

You know you should be eating salads but let's face it to make them really taste good you are just adding way too many calories. Sometimes you can have a burger and fries with less calories than a salad. So what can you do? Well first pile on all the veggies you can handle. Don't skimp. What can you do now? If you want to add cheese, bacon and all that cut down. Don't throw as much as you want. If you can handle using a lite Italian dressing or hot sauce do that. Right there you can save a ton of calories. Or you can put the dressing on the side and just dip in a little to get the taste. If you dump it on top you are just asking for trouble and all the extra calories you don't need.

Do you have any tried and true ways to cut the calories? Comment below.

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