I saw this story last week and so it started a discussion between me and my daughter. I asked her how she puts silverware in the dishwasher. She said handle down. I asked her why? She didn't really have a reason. It's just how she did it.

I go back and forth. Sometimes I put handles down....and then I go to grab a handful of silverware and inevitably a stray knife gets me. So I decide next time for put the handles down....until I forget again....and I get stabbed again. It seems like a never ending cycle.

So is there a correct way? Well according to an expert on appliances there really is a correct way. You are supposed to put them handles up for two good reasons. One being what I said to keep you from getting injured.

The second reason is to keep your hands from grabbing the part of the silverware you put in your mouth. Ahhhhh......that does make sense. I mean I wash my hands before I empty the dishwasher but you may stop unloading for a second and touch a random item that has some bacteria on it. Unless you wash your hands again I can understand why you want to load the handles up.

It does make sense. Some people's thought process is that if you put it handles down that the dishwasher may get the part you put in your mouth a little cleaner. It could be true of some dishwashers but not enough to make that the better answer.

So next time you are loading the dishwasher make the conscious effort to put the handles of all silverware up. Your health and your un-nicked fingers will thank you.


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