All this time that you have been home and working have you heard of the Quarantine 15? They compare it to the Freshman 15. You know where you gain 15 pounds when you start college because of all the freedom to eat what you want and when.

Well the Quarantine 15 is the same thing. We are spending more time at home. You know where you kitchen is right there. We are also not as structured. So we may be snacking all day. We don't have all the distractions to keep us from mindlessly eating.

So has this been a problem? Do you think that you have gained that much weight? I know I have gained some. It's not because of all the snacking. I blame the fact that I want to support local. So see I normally prep food for a whole week. My meals are normally healthy. I eat those meals throughout the week.

Now, I want to help the local restaurants so I find myself ordering curbside, take-out or delivery. Something I never really did before. So like I said I know I have gained some. I don't think it's been 15 pounds. I, also, haven't gone on a scale either to be honest. So maybe I should find out.

The good news about this quarantine is a lot of people are sleeping a lot better. I will have to say that I agree with this. Though, I still don't have great sleeping habits I do notice on a day to day basis I get more sleep. I am able to shift sleep like my body is use to. I'm able to take a nap in the afternoon. How are your sleep and eating habits during the quarantine?

Are you sleeping and eating better? Worse? Are you a victim of the Quarantine 15? Comment below.


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