You have had a long difficult day at work. You want to go to the gym. You really do. You are just too exhausted.

You think maybe a hot bath would be good for your body and mind.

It really can be. Oh and maybe even just as good as going to the gym. That is pretty good news isn't it?

A new study out of Nottingham Trent University found that taking a bubble bath burns 140 calories. That is not it. Did you know that taking a bath helps to maintain healthy body sugar levels and improves your quality of sleep.

This is all music to your ears. You can burn calories AND get better sleep! Major great news. When you get in a hot bath your body has to actually try to keep from overheating.

There are a lot of physiological responses that are similar to what happens when you exercise as well. You need to know that taking a bath is not a shortcut to fitness or a replacement for exercise but it can mimic some of the benefits.

So maybe if you can't get to the gym go ahead and take a bath. At least there are some health benefits to help you.

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