You have heard the quote "There's no crying in baseball!" right? Tom Hanks said that in "A League of Their Own." So we get that.

Can crying though help us lose weight? Well some scientists have just discovered that when you are extremely emotional and a messy crier after a break-up, it does help you lose weight.

So apparently getting dumped can be considered the hot new diet trend for 2019.

Here is the science behind it. When you are bawling your eyes out that is when your body produces hormones that only come out when you are under pressure. Those same hormones then keep our cortisol levels. down. Those levels are tied to stress.

When stress and cortisol are both high that our bodies think "hey I need to retain fat". Mainly that is because our ancient ancestors stressed over starving to death.

If we get our cortisol and stress levels down then our bodies think "hey lets burn that fat."

According to all the research when you end up having a genuine emotional response to a break up that is when your body tends to lose fat.

So if a relationship does end and you feel like you need to cry go ahead. Let those emotions out. Cry that good cry. You may trick your body into burning some extra fat.


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