Has this been a weird year or what? I mean even though the state of Texas is slowly opening up it's still made things tough on us. This is, of course, is definitely true if you are a parent.

Since all area schools in Amarillo, Canyon and the Texas Panhandle have decided that school will not happen in person for the rest of the year this has made it tough. You may have had to make the decision to stay at home to work even if they are trying to bring you in. You may not have daycare. You for sure don't have school for the kids. You have to figure out what to do for work and for your family.

Oh and let's go ahead and add in the fact that you may be having to help your kiddos even more with school work. You may be having to step in and try to teach. Oh and some things, like math, have changed from when we went to school. So now you have to learn the new way to teach them. It's a never ending ball of stress on your plate.

So there is no wonder that most parents don't get to sit down an relax until around 8:39pm that is according to a study conducted by STUDY FINDS. It's nearly 9 pm before parents can unwind. Which what does that mean? I mean how much time do you now have before you turn in for the night?

That is definitely not a lot of me time. Oh and then a lot of that time you are worrying about making sure the house is not a total mess. So you are not even getting that time because you are straightening up.

So how can you prevent all of this? Take little breaks throughout the day to tidy up. At least if you do you can actually take that time in the evening for yourself. I can't help you with teaching math to your child. Luckily the school year is almost coming to an end and you can just enjoy the summer. Somewhat. Get the kiddos outside a bit even if it's for a nature walk. Teach them some science. Get the sun you all need to feel refreshed.

Go on a field trip to Medi Park....or heck any park nearby....just walk around. Check out your neighborhood. The stress will seem to lighten up a bit when you get that Vitamin D your body craves.

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