We go on vacation to relax and recharge. How long does that great feeling remain? How long before that stress is back?

If you're going on vacation soon....please try to take that time to have fun and melt away that stress.....because as soon as you're back at work, you'll be back to feeling that old sensation of crushing emptiness. Remember though that vacation was great!

According to a new survey, the majority of people say that vacations do recharge them and help them recover from stress...that is the good news. The bad news? Those feelings go away quickly.

Almost half the people talked to say that the good feelings disappear within a few days....and 24% say they disappear the second they're back at work.

A lot of companies encourage their employees to take time off....but 19% of people avoid taking vacations because they're afraid it will make it look like they're not committed to their job.

Go on vacation.....enjoy every moment. Relax and recharge from the stresses in your life. The important take is to try to let that feeling last you awhile because it's probably a bit before your next vacation......so make this one count!


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