It's tough when you are trying to eat healthy. Do you need to eat low calorie? What actually is a calorie? Well, the simplest answer is it is a measure of energy.

You need energy to, dance, walk the dog....etc. Did you know that it actually matters less how many calories you's more important about the kind of calories your food contains.

So if you eat stuff high in healthy fats and proteins, like nuts, but low in sugar it is much better for you than eating that higher carb, lower fat food (etc. sugary cereals and grains). We can eat them both but just know that our bodies will process them very differently.

Meals that are high in protein and lower in refined sugars and carbs are more nutritious and will satisfy your hunger and help you with your energy level.

So when you are deciding on a food to doesn't matter how many calories are in a matters the quality of the calorie. Look for high protein and low sugars to keep you on the right track.

Even when you can't make a nutritious meal at home....restaurants and fast food places have nutritious options. What is your favorite healthy go-to meal when you are on the run?





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