We are not the best at taking care of ourselves. Why is that? If we don't we run the risk of so many bad things happening.

The main thing is we will get over-stressed, overworked and sick. The problem is that we end up feeling guilty if we take any time out of our day for ourselves. That is just plain silly.

If we take the time to do stuff for ourselves every once in a while guess what? We will be happier and more relaxed. Hence we will not get sick as often. That is a win-win in my book.

So let's make a plan for our own well being to do more things for ourselves. I will start with a list of things that we can do,

We can find some time to unwind and just read a good book. That is very relaxing.

We also can go out and have a relaxing meal and/or a drink. Grab a group of friends and just enjoy each other's company.

Take some time to go and get a massage. Let me tell you how heavenly that sounds right about now.

If you just don't want to leave the house there are still some great suggestions. Run yourself a nice warm bath and soak in it for awhile. Or just spend some time alone. That is very relaxing and doesn't cost a thing.

Go for a walk, a run, just get some exercise is another suggestion.  The more you can find time to do little things for yourself the better you will be. Your stress levels will go down, your overall happiness will go up.

What else would you add to this list? Comment below.


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