You wake up and think today is a great day to head to the gym. You grab your gym bag and get ready. Get your best workout clothes and shoes.

You get there and how do you feel? Do you feel intimidated? There is a term for that! "Gymtimidation" oh and some local gyms like Planet Fitness will not stand for that! So just know that.

There has been a survey that found 47% of us do feel intimidated at the gym. Another 31% feel anxious at just the thought of trying. We can't let that happen.

It seems that we feel the most intimidated when we are near someone who is already in in really good shape. Even the thought of someone of the opposite sex watching us causes us enough sweat worthy moments. Oh and I don't mean from the actual exercise.

We tend to feel more subconscious the moment we walk into the gym and even as we are gazing at those free weights. You may be thinking.....what do I do with those?

Do you ever feel intimidated when you are going for a run outside? I sometimes feel that is the worse! I feel all the eyes of Amarillo are watching me. I know that is ridiculous. It is easy to feel that way.

So how can you stop feeling this way? Try writing down your workout before you get there. If you have a plan and stick to it. You won't feel so weird as you would if you walk in not having a clue.

You also need to focus on your workout. Crank up the music in your ears and zone it on your plan! You won't have time to worry about anyone else.

If none of that seems to help. Maybe try to head to the gym during non-peak hours. There will be less people around. Get your workout on and then inch towards feeling more confident where nobody can bother you!

You got this! Are there any other tips that help you at the gym? Comment below!



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